Gen Gym Fitness

What is GenGym Fitness?

GenGym Fitness is aimed at all people who want to learn new skills together in a group, work out in workouts and recover together.

GenGym Fitness consists of the following components:

"The Fitness Class"

It doesn't matter whether you haven't done any sport for a long time, have just started again or have been doing sport for a long time - in "The Fitness Class" you all train together at your individual level. The class offers you a full body workout in which we use individual movements to build strength and in combination with other exercises to train (strength) endurance. A variety of strength parts await you, followed by sweaty workouts and exercises to build core stability.


In our endurance class, we focus on training basic endurance using varied workouts with many different elements such as row, run or bike.
This not only gives you more "puff" for the workouts in CrossFit and "The Fitness Class", but you also do something good for your cardiovascular system at the same time!

Basic skill

In the skill class, we focus on learning different skills in a varied concept - regardless of what experience you have in the respective areas. In small groups we will work together on performing exercises with different equipment (e.g. kettlebell, barbell, rack) or learning gymnastics movements (e.g. handstand, pull-ups) and thus develop and achieve your individual goals. At the end of each class, we complete a sweaty workout together, which includes the skills of the respective class.

hand balancing

In this course you will learn the steps through which you can learn your first handstand or improve your existing skills. You can expect a full body workout consisting of stretching, strengthening and technique exercises that will eventually bring you to your handstand.
Very important: NO previous experience is necessary. All exercises can be adapted to your personal needs, so that we can train together, even if we have different experiences and skills.

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