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A start that is worthwhile!

Getting started and daring to take the first step is a major challenge for many. Would you like to improve your personal fitness, learn new things and push yourself through sweaty workouts together with others? Then you are exactly right with us!

In "The Fitness Class" we show you all the elements that you encounter in our courses. After your first experiences in the classes, we can work together to shape your individual path with us.

Start immediately and very flexibly!

After 6 units in "The Fitness Class" you have learned all the basics
and then decide together with us how to proceed for you.

After that you have the following options:

Take advantage of our diverse program in GenGym Fitness, consisting of
"The Fitness Class", Basic Skill, Handbalancing and Endurance.


After you get started, move on to the regular CrossFit classes
and also take advantage of the courses offered by GenGym Fitness.

Start your journey at CrossFit GenGym

This is what it can look like for you:

  • Day 1
  • Day 2
  • Day 14
  • Day 30
  • TAG 1: Du kommst das erste Mal zu uns Image


    DAY 1: You come to us for the first time

    Today is the day of your trial training.
    Do your first fitness class.

    trial training
  • TAG 2: Melde Dich für Deinen Einstieg an Image


    DAY 2: Sign up to get started

    Together we work out all the basics for our courses. After completing 6 units in the fitness class, you can get started with us and take advantage of our full range.

    Book entry
  • TAG 14: Welches Programm passt zu mir? Image


    DAY 14: Which program suits me?

    We sit down with you, discuss your goals and advise you on which training package suits you best.

  • TAG 30: Voll dabei! Image


    DAY 30: Full of it!

    You have now been with us for 30 days. Your fitness level has already increased and you are part of the #TEAMCFGG.

Have we sparked your interest?

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